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We understand that your IP is your most valuable asset and requires experts with substantial experience at handling infringement cases. Our seasoned trial and patent attorneys offer more than fifteen years of substantive IP law expertise and scientific know-how across a wide range of technologies and jurisdictions.

Patent Litigation

A Distinct Advantage

Patent Litigation Substantive Document Review

Our document review team comprises of sophisticated litigation attorneys and top quality domain patent scientists, offering you a unique combination of legal and subject matter experts for patent infringement litigations.

Echo employs a unique twin fold approach for maximizing efficiency of our litigation support services. Our team of trained patent scientists and experienced attorneys can operate simultaneously to review the documents for scientific and patent-specific issues and legal aspects such as privilege and confidentiality. The simultaneous review allows for maximum efficiency, with routine absorption of newly introduced legal and scientific issues midstream without missing a beat, saving the client time and costs.

Expertise in Techno Legal Analysis

Inventor ship, utility, dates of invention, i.e., conception, diligence, abandonment and reduction to practice, enablement, written description and best mode, Markman hearing - claim construction, priority dates and priority claim sufficiency, inequitable conduct, including the violation of the duty of candor, summary of prosecution history analysis for claim construction and infringement under the doctrine of equivalents, deposition summaries, exhibit selection and preparation, assistance for preparing fact and expert witnesses & reports, lab-notebook review and analysis, draft scientific primers intended for the court.

Patent Analytics

We customize our search/analysis strategy based on time-frame, technical domain, type of project and your business (IP/R&D) objective.

Our search methodology include - multi-pronged approach, judicious combination of search strategies, quality searches to reduce background noise, automation where required, STN searches for chemical structure drawing and analysis (including Markush claims) and biological sequence searching and analysis.

Judicious combination of search strategies well versed with commonly used databases like Delphion, Micropatent, USPTO/WIPO/EPOnline and databases provided by national patent office websites.

Patent Opinions

  • Freedom To Operate/Right to use Clearance Reports
  • Invalidity Analysis
  • Non-Infringement Analysis
  • Prior-Art Searches

Patent Portfolio Management

  • Identifying Critical Patents
  • Identifying Strategic Patents
  • Identifying Patents that present Licensing Opportunities
  • Identifying Patents for Abandonment Consideration
  • Landscape Reports

Patent Monitoring Services

  • IP Due Diligence
  • Infringement Searches, Analysis and Technical Opinion
  • Validity / Invalidity searches and Technical Opinion
  • Claim Construction, Claims Mapping and Claim Charts
  • Markman Hearing - Claim Construction
  • Priority Dates and Priority Claim Sufficiency

Trademark Services

Echo provides trademark search services covering registered and common law searches in freely available and paid databases per the client's requirement . We customize our search/analysis strategy based on timeframe, type of project and your business and IP objectives.

  • Trademark searching
  • Domain searches and registration
  • Trademark renewals
  • Trademark data validation
  • Global trademark monitoring services
  • Trademark infringement services
  • Web content monitoring services