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About Us / Echo Advantage

The depth and breadth of our offerings, combined with the insights from our legal research, enables us to serve clients as diverse as the entities they represent. Echo Solutions taps into the local skills with zero compromise on quality and professionalism. Our lawyers and professionals are handpicked after rigorous screening processes to ensure thorough, professional, expedient and intelligent services.

Our Clients Turn To Us For

  • A quality outsourcing experience; a mirror image of a top US law firm
  • Augmenting the capabilities of their in house legal departments
  • Harnessing our best-of-breed expertise
  • Ready assistance to address your queries
  • Quick turnaround times
  • Processes that consistently beat deadlines

We fully understand our client's requirements. We work when our clients are asleep thereby multiplying their efficiency and providing excellent legal services outsourcing solutions in record time.

Attorney-Client Privilege

The attorney-client privilege applies to the services delivered by Echo. We are retained by lawyers only, either from in-house legal departments or law firms. Under applicable law, the attorney-client privilege applies to a client's communications with, and in the litigation context, to the work product of, a lawyer providing legal services to a client. The attorney-client privilege also extends to lawyer's communications with, and work product of, any vendor providing services to that lawyer under a contractual relationship. As a result, our communications and work product are privileged, since we provide our services directly to lawyers.

Client Conflicts of Interest

We avoid client conflicts of interest and appearances of conflicts of interest. We conduct industry-standard conflict checks at the start of all potential client relationships, and periodically throughout the relationship.


The fiduciary obligation to keep client documents and communications confidential applies, under both Indian and U.S. law. In addition, we sign non-disclosure agreements with clients and, if requested, with the underlying client of any of our law firm clients. All employees sign standard non-disclosure, non-use, and non-solicitation agreements prior to employment. If requested, our employees will also sign agreements directly with our clients.

Unauthorized Practice of Law

We do not engage in the practice of law or deliver legal services in the US, India or anywhere else, and therefore comply with rules prohibiting the unauthorized practice of law. We provide strictly legal support services and deliver our legal support only to lawyers at law firms or in-house legal departments.

Uncompromised Quality

A team of dedicated full time professionals with expertise in US laws work on every project ensuring consistent work product of the highest quality. Projects are handled by a balance of India-based lawyers and scientists fully trained and experienced in US laws and substantive e-document review. We ensure US style and professionalism throughout the corporate culture. We offer Best of Breed services comparable to US quality at Indian Prices.