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Services / corporate governance

We help our clients to make prudent business decisions by providing legal research solutions. We work with them to define their research objectives and provide them with customized reports that satisfy their business requirements. Our professionals provide in-depth analysis utilizing leading industry research databases including Westlaw, Nexis, Knowx , PACER, SEC filings, USPTO reassignment, Espacenet, and other public databases.

Contact Information Research

We source contact information including information like designation, telephone number and email address for the most relevant people in a company.

Company Profiling

We create litigation profiles for companies with reviews of case dockets to identify parties, law firms, past and present litigation, patents at issue and current case status. The profiles may be combined with a patent landscape to provide an in-depth picture of the IP position of the target company.

Know Your Customer Service

We create KYC reports as know your customer policies are becoming increasingly important globally to prevent identity theft, financial fraud, money laundering and terrorist financing.

Legal Research

Our legal research services include distinct subject matter analyses and multi-jurisdictional surveys of Federal, State and International points of law.